Using 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

To login into University systems that require 2FA you will need two pieces of information: your NetID password, PLUS a generated code or message from a device that you have set up as your second factor. Your second factor will be generated by DUO Security, an industry leader in cyber-security services.

You have several options for your 2FA device:

  • Install the DUO Security application on your personal smartphone.
  • Use a non-University phone to receive texts or calls with a code.
  • Use a University hardware token to generate a code. Learn more about tokens.

Why 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Your University of Illinois account is an attractive target for hackers, with tempting information they want, such as:

  • Your personal data
  • Your banking information
  • University data available through your account

Unfortunately, it’s possible for hackers to steal or crack your password. If your password is compromised, you could lose access to your account along with your information!

To counter increasing threats to account security, UI Verify adds 2FA to selected university applications. You might be familiar with 2FA from your personal email, online banking, or social networking accounts. Our goal is to provide security beyond your password.