About UI Verify and 2FA

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is similar to authentication methods that you might use with services external to the University like Gmail, your financial institution, or Paypal. This process will allow you to register mobile devices, send yourself a text message, or get a call on a landline to finish logging into an application. The University of Illinois System 2-factor authentication system is powered by Duo Security.

What is the difference between 2FA and Duo?

2FA is the implementation of 2-Factor Authentication for completing the login process. The University of Illinois System is using Duo Security as our vendor for the implementation of 2FA. If you use a smartphone for 2FA, you will download the Duo application onto your phone and will come to associate Duo as your 2FA system.

Why do I need to use 2FA?

You are being asked to do this as part of the University's security solution called 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA provides better account protection than merely using a password. If your password is stolen or compromised, having 2FA set up will require the thief to also have possession of your phone in order to access your account. Merely having your pin and password is no longer enough to change your personal information.

More information about 2FA

Additional information about UI Verify's 2FA can be found in our Help Guide.

You can also sign in to learn more about what applications require 2FA, and how you can enroll.